Boeing 767

Reliable and Versatile.

Reliable and Versatile.

The reliable and versatile 767 has evolved to efficiently meet changing market requirements. Today's efficient 767s are the result of continuous technology enhancements designed to maintain its preference with airlines and their passengers. The 767 freighter has a high capacity cargo arrangement on both main deck and lower hold. Able to carry 53 metric tons (59 tons) of revenue cargo with intercontinental range, it is ideal for developing new long-haul, regional, or feeder markets.

In addition, the 767 has a bright future in expanded applications, particularly for military use in tanker and command and control applications.

The 767 offer benefits such as the advanced avionics, aerodynamics, materials and propulsion incorporated into the highly efficient passenger airplanes. Schedule reliability is over 98 percent for the 767 and fleet-wide, daily utilization is more than 9 hours. The 767 300ER continues to serve the market niche between the 737-900ER and the 787-8.

The 767 aircraft is the only Boeing product that addresses the freighter, passenger and tanker markets – making the possibilities for new 767 orders optimistic for decades to come.